What to do after a fire

What to do after a fire

  1. Do not turn on the device after the fire. Until that has been done to restore it. Water and smoke did not cause damage or can not work forever. But the device can cause damage. Especially if Split into parts The induced electric current.
  2. Disconnect the device from the power supply. Including battery and restart. UPS brings fuse panel to power the main .
  3. Should blow any remaining smoke. By opening windows and use exhaust fans.
  4. Soot absorbs any island in the device out.
  5. Eliminate excess water used to extinguish fire.
  6. Remove any small wireless device to clean, dry cleaner.
  7. Cover equipment that has been damaged by a plastic sheet and reduce the relative humidity to below 40%
  8. Or call the BIRS after a crash reconstruction expert to carry everything to the finish. And back to work again.

Source : http://www.birs.biz/what-to-do-after-a-fire/