What to do after a flood

What to do after a flood or water in various devices.


  1. Do not turn on the device after the flood.Until it has been implemented recovered.Water and smoke did not cause damage or can not work forever. But the device can cause damage. Especially if the device is wet and humid induction
  2. Disconnect the device from the power supply. Including battery and restart. UPS
    brings fuse panel to power the main.
  3. Extractor removes excess water from the crater wall, the small heater and chimney power line.
  4. Move wireless device to any wet areas get rid of the piece and temperature control. Remove the cover off if possible.
  5. Remove any wet objects such as ceiling tiles carpet or furniture.
    6. Eliminate air humidity and air movers in the area that have been damaged if necessary.
  6. Reduce the temperature and humidity down to 20 ° C and relative humidity of 40%
  7. Call the experts for reconstruction after the devastation BIRS to carry everything to the finish and back to work again.

Source : http://www.birs.biz/what-to-do-after-a-flood/